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  • Will H. Just installed a V6 Front Strut Tower Brace on my '13 Challenger. Fit like a glove!!!! I plan on purchasing more from these guys!!! Awesome customer service!!!!
  • Summer C. As if having the "King" is not awesome enough, they have a great team of friendly, helpful staff who really know their cars! We work with this team on a regular basis and highly recommend them to all of our clients as well. Keep up the great work!
  • Steve E. While dating my wife I drove a 1969 Firebird. As with most newly married couples, you have to become practical in a hurry. Unfortunately for most of us that means the less than practical car has to go! Barbara and I both loved the car, and hated to get rid of it. I finally was able to get another 1969 Firebird in 2000, that was rough. So rough it didn’t even make it home on its own. Years of work and effort put the car in some kind of shape, but just not the shape most of us dream of. Engine rebuilds, two paint jobs that were supposed to be the best money could buy, and various other things just didn’t measure up. After becoming totally disgusted, I began searching for someone or someplace reliable that would take the care to where it needed to be. I couldn’t find anyone who would touch a Pontiac or even return a phone call. That’s when I found Mike Cormack at the garage who responded promptly and was as sincere as it gets. I can’t name everything Petty’s Garage has done to the car, but I can tell you they do quality work, and if something isn’t 100%, they stand behind it. I know this from firsthand experience. I even brought the car back for a second go around! I now deal with Will Cheek and he has picked up right where Mike left off. I read a testimonial from Bruce M. that said “ Just like family that is how you are treated.” That is absolutely the case, so much so they customized a truck for me also. When you work hard to obtain something that is a dream, it’s nice to know there are still people that will treat the car like what it is…a dream!
  • Steve D. OMG! Come check out the petty Mustangs at the petty garage at the Mustang Club of America show at the speedway Indianapolis you gotta do a ride along and it is awesome those guys can push the limits and their cars and it is a riot it is very exhilarating!
  • Roy N. Just received my strut tower brace today, and wow is it perfect! My car is Jazz Blue Pearl Coat, and the paint is matched perfectly!

    Super easy install and fitment was perfect! The handling difference over stock is night and day!

    I also requested to have Mr. Petty sign the bar for me and he was happy to oblige. Will certainly turn heads at every car show I attend!

    Thanks again everyone at Petty's Garage

    Roy Nadell
    Petaluma, CA
  • Roger R. Wow!

    I just received my manual transmission mount / driveshaft hoop and front strut brace for my 2010 Challenger. The quality and workmanship is FANTASTIC! You know how to do things right.

    And when I toured your facility a couple years ago, the communication with the staff and what they shared with me was an unforgettable experience.

    I have been a Richard Petty fan for well over 40 years.

    Roger R.
  • Ray M. Ray M. This is my third trip down/12 hours drive from Grand Rapids, MI. The first two times was for electrical/suspension/interior upgrades all perfectly executed by the team on my ‘10 RT Chally back in ‘13 & ‘14. Now It’s my ‘16 SRT Chally 392 for an upgraded suspension project. Again, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results and with this team. Will, Murph, Bruce, Frank and others all treated me with respect and constantly popped in to the waiting area to see if I needed anything or to update me on the progress. BTW, their welder is remarkable.... he’s like an artist. His welds on my sub frame connectors almost factory installed. Will is very communicative via email concerning questions, estimate, who was working on my car, who would meet me, and recommendations to make my trip down easy and stress free. Will came through on all his statements/commitments and knows how to make things happen. Murph and Bruce are amazing/veteran mechanics. Bruce worked on my ‘10 RT last time and Murph this time on my ‘16. You’re in great hands with either as both are perfectionists. Both mechanics educated me throughout the process on the Chally and its components. Frank the parts guy filled in the gaps throughout my stay ensuring I had food/beverage options and explained parts options to be installed... he’s exceptionally courteous and always available to answer questions. These guys made me feel like part of their team. Meeting Mr. Petty is always a thrill for me and he didn’t hesitate to sign my dashboard or as he said “So you want me to put a scratch in your dash” when he signed my ‘10 RT and now my ‘16 LOL. He’s an amazing figure and friendly as well but don’t be fooled, he’s on top of everything that goes on in his shop, walking through every area/building personally inspecting/discussing both customer and business projects with his team. These days you’ll find plenty of businesses out there that do shoddy work and over/up charge work. It’s refreshing to have a business that reflects Mr. Petty’s commitment to high quality standards and customer service. It’s clear this team not only knows what they’re doing and the importance of customer service but that they enjoy what they’re doing as well. Thank you Will, Murph, Bruce, Frank. others and Mr. Petty for instilling confidence driving my new car and an overall excellent experience.
  • Mike J. Never been to a shop with more professional support than Petty Garage. No matter how detail oriented (picky) I was, I never received the slightest bit of impatience. only a willingness to do the very best job possible and provide the highest in quality product and service.
    Thanks Guys !
  • Hugh I. Nice people pleased to help with your automotive dreams.
  • Darwin S. I purchased a 2016 Mustang and wanted to do some upgrades. Petty's Garage was very knowledgeable,helpful and eager to help. I would recommend them for anyone wanting performance work. Great people to work with.
  • Bruce M. Just like family that is how you are treated.
  • Brad L. Excellent team of the best in the business!
  • Anonymous Received my strut tower brace for my R/T and thought I would share a picture of it with you. I also have been talking up the Petty Bar online in the Challenger Forum. Thanks the service was great!
  • 2015 Dodge challenger shaker strut bar 2015 Dodge challenger shaker strut bar Great product, super easy install from supplied instructions. Will definitely do more business with petty garage !
    Thanks Again

    Gregg Skydell

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Educational Partner

In 2012, Petty's Garage teamed up with colleges and launched the Student Excellence Program. We will be on campus for recruitment day sharing our story and expertise. Students who meet the criteria standards approved by the King will be candidates to visit Petty's Garage for a hands-on experience. This program will challenge the student body within the automotive department to take their education to the next level. We look forward to mentoring and making a difference!