Petty's Garage E85 Tuning Package

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Manufacturer:Petty's Garage
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What is e85

E85 is an automotive fuel containing a mixture of ethanol and gasoline; 85% ethanol 15% gasoline. Ethanol is another term for ethyl alcohol. It is sometimes called Gasohol or Flexfuel.

What are the benefits of running e85 in my performance vehicle?

E85 is Safer and can make more Power.

  • E85 is safer for high performance and forced induction engines due to its resistance to detonation. E85 has a base octane rating between 100 and 105 depending on the rating of the gasoline component. This allows timing and fueling calibrations to be more aggressive, increasing power.
  • E85 cools incoming air/fuel charge making it denser. A higher density air/fuel charge in the same cylinder volume produces greater power output.
  • Forced induction power adders like superchargers and turbochargers compress incoming air mechanically. Compressing air heats it up, making the cooling effect of ethanol even more beneficial in these builds.
  • E85 has similar performance to “Race Fuels” but is much less expensive.

What are the features and benefits of the Petty’s Garage e85 system?

  • Complete system, incudes everything needed to convert a vehicle to Flexfuel. High performance fuel system with a single TI Automotive™ turbine pump capable of flowing 450 LPH, unlock & custom tuning of PCM.
  • Easy to install, takes about 2 hours, depending on skill level.
  • No re-tuning required for fuel type; switch between e85 and gasoline on the fly.
  • Engine control logic is entirely native to the stock PCM. No “piggyback” controllers, sensors or harnesses. Other e85 systems only modify injector characteristics; the Petty’s Garage system modifies more than 100 parameters covering thousands of data points.
  • E85 percentage data available as a SAE PID in all common dataloggers.

*Note: e85 requires 33% more fuel volume vs gasoline, upgrading the fuel system to handle the additional fuel requirement is mandatory; a lean air/fuel condition due to insufficient fuel flow will cause significant engine damage.

What vehicles does this system fit:

  • Currently we have systems for 2015 – 2021 Dodge Challengers and Chargers with the 6.4 engine.
  • We are working on a system for 2015 – 2021 Hellcat Challengers and Chargers, check our website often for announcements!