2017 Petty's Garage Mustang - King Premier Edition

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Petty's Garage King Premier Edition

  • 2017 Ford Mustang GT**¹
  • Ford Racing 670 HP TVS 2300 Blower (Includes 3/36 Powertrain Warranty)****
  • Ford Racing Cold Air Kit
  • Level 5 Axle Upgrade
  • Ford Racing Custom Calibration
  • Petty's Garage Rear Fascia with Center Exhaust (Personally designed by Richard Petty)
  • Petty's Garage/Magnaflow Center Exhaust Kit
  • Petty's Garage Race Inspired Spoiler
  • Petty's Garage Embroidered Headrest
  • Petty's Garage Window Etching
  • Petty's Garage Logoed Floor Mats
  • Petty's Garage Colored Badging
  • Petty's Garage Light Up Door Sill Plates
  • Petty's Garage Upper and Lower Mesh Grill
  • Petty's Garage Windshield Banner
  • Ford Racing Lower Springs
  • Petty's Garage Tail Panel Badge
  • HP Hood Decal
  • By Petty Decals
  • Petty's Garage HRE FlowForm FF01 Staggered 20x9 20x10 Wheel, Standard Wheel Color Matte Black
  • Continental Extreme Summer Performance DW Tires, 255-35-20 & 275-30-20
  • Richard Petty Autographed Dash Plate Numbered to Vehicle (Numbers assigned as orders received)
  • Petty's Garage King Premier Edition Upper Radiator Plate Hand Signed by Richard Petty
  • Petty's Garage Serialized Vin Plate Attached to Strut Mount

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*Package Pricing and Contents are subject to change
**No take off parts will be returned
***Level 2 & Level 3 upgrades voids powertrain warranty
****670 & 727 supercharged packages expected to be delivered to dealers in October

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Send All Orders to Mike Cormack at mcormack@pettys-garage.com or Fax to 336-498-4334