Former Builds » Blair's 1973 Roadrunner

                                    The History of the Roadrunner
            Besides the square body front end styling, the new revised sheet metal definitely increased sales for Plymouth by forty percent.
            1973 was also the year of the bumpers, due to mandated laws, a front bumper and rear impact were to be added. Despite the two inches that set it further away from the car, Plymouth did a great job on styling against other manufacturers.
            Based on the B-Body line, the Roadrunner was smaller and lighter than the 'Cuda. Sales reached almost 19,000.

                                    PETTY’S GARAGE BUILD PLANS:
            Here at Petty's Garage we're giving new life to this Roadrunner. We have pulled the motor out, giving it a complete overhaul and even a fresh paint job. All of the suspension has been replaced from leaf springs in the back and refreshed torsion bars and shock absorbers up front. Stay tuned as we finish up this build and get ready to fire it up!

                                             Fender Tag Decoded
                                (Read Bottom to Top, Left to Right)

1st Row
E86 (440-4 Barrel High Preformance)
D34 (TorqueFlite Automatic Transmission)
RM21 (R) Plymouth Road Runner
          (M) Medium
          (21) 2 Door Coupe
U3R (U) 440 280HP(net) 1-4BBL 8 CYL
          (3) 1973
          (R) Windsor, ONT, CAN
Six Digit Sequential Number

2nd Row
GB5 (Paint Code: Bright Blue Metallic)
D6XW (D) Deluxe
          (6) Vinyl Bucket Seats
          (X) Black
EW1 (Upper Door Frame: White / Alpine White)
A16 (Date Built: 10 / 16 / 1972)
Six Digit Order Number

3rd Row
V1W (Roof Type OR Color: Full Vinyl Top - White)
U (Built to Specifications for USA Order)
B41 (Front Disc Brakes Some Yrs. Power)
C16 (Console w/ Buckets)
C56 (Bucket Seats 1972 up)

4th Row
F11 (50 Amp)
G36 (Left Hand Remote, Right Hand Manual Outside Mirror)
H51 (Single Air /w Heater)
J52 (Inside Hood Release)
L31 (Hood / Fender Mount Turn Signal)
M85 (Bumper Guard Package)

5th Row
N41 (Duel Exhaust w/o Tips)
N42 (Chrome Duel Exhaust Tips)
N51 (Max Engine Cooling)
N76 (Coolant Recovery System)
N85 (Tachometer)

6th Row
R35 (AM / FM Multiplex Sterio)

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