Restoration » Tom's 1949 Hudson

                                    The History of the Hudson
            After the relaunch of the Hudson in 1948, the unibodies were given the nickname "Step Downs". Reason given was that the floor pans were sunk between the frame rails to maximize headroom. Despite the "chopped" appearance of a low roof line and high belt line, you could step over the sill and down into the interior.
            With a two-piece driveshaft that didn't intrude into the cabin and the widest seats in the industry, the Step Down had a six-passenger capacity.
            After the end of World War II, the Hudson benefited in sales during the booming automotive market. Hudson sold almost 160,000 during 1949.

                                    PETTY’S GARAGE BUILD PLANS:
            Here at Petty's Garage we put a cool twist on this ol' Hudson. We started off by completely "shaving" the firewall, meaning deleting the holes on the firewall and making it smooth and flat for a more aesthetic look. This required the master cylinder to be relocated under the dash and an aftermarket air conditioning to be installed called "Vintage Air".
            We custom made inner fender wheel wells to make the Ray Barton 572 cubic inch HEMI be the only center of attention in the engine bay. Equipped with a high rise intake to match and a 1150 Dominator carburetor. All tied together with custom engine and transmission mounts sitting on a Fat Man Mustang II front clip. all pointing back to a 9" rear and moser axles to catch all the power the front end is throwing.
            The wheels were split and a band was added to give it a wider stance but also keeping the stock appearance.
            Adding a cherry to the top, in house custom made exhaust headers lead to dual 3" exhaust pipes exiting the rear of the car.

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