Restoration » 1965 Barracuda 43 Jr.

                                              The History of the Cuda
            After the introduction of the Barracuda in 1964, production numbers nearly tripled!
Small modifications were made but the trademark back glass was kept and would be kept for one more year. A new package was added called the "Formula S" package. This included the Commando V8, suspension upgrades, larger wheels and tires, special emblems, and a tachometer.

                                              The History of the 43 Jr.
            Once the 1964 NASCAR season came to an end the president, Bill France SR., revised a new set of rules for the oncoming season. It would eliminate Chrysler's HEMI and Ford's Hi-Riser engines completely from the competition. The King, Richard Petty, without debate would turn his attention and leave his newly acquired title to go drag racing.
            On this side of the Mason-Dixon line, the Petty's have taken on a production 1965 Plymouth Barracuda to take over the drag strip. They would have turned it into a stripped, lightweight, reinforced, single seater, 426 HEMI powered missile.
It wasn't long before the Petty's started receiving massive amounts of publicity, from big money events, to trophies, and winning titles. Stepping into Ford's territory and owning it, they nicknamed this little blue Plymouth, "Outlawed" (which was later renamed "43Jr", for it's shrunken Grand National Belvedere look).
            Meanwhile, back in the Grand National Competition, attendance was dropping and sale were plummeting. Paying customers were unhappy and unwilling to spend their money to watch one Ford outrun another Ford. Attempting everything to get promoters to lure fans back to the grandstands, Bill France Sr. finally repealed his no-HEMI mandate towards the end of July. Allowing the Chrysler fleet of race cars to compete again but under some limitations.
            As much as Richard enjoyed the brief excitement of drag racing, he desired to get back behind a stock car to run races that lasted longer. Richard and the rest of the Chrysler crew returned from exile on July 25th for the Volunteer 500 at Bristol, Tennessee. He concluded the season with four wins, ten top fives, and ten top tens; finishing in 38th place in the Championship Title Chase.

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