Current Builds » Shari's 1935 Slantback #9

                                    The History of the Slantback
            Popular periods of the Slantback were between 1933 to 1936. The 1935 would arguably be the rarest, with only a few facelift modifications such as the motor and grille were shoved forward to give more room to the passenger space. Revised suspension was upgraded but the 112 inch wheelbase was kept the same.

                                    PETTY’S GARAGE BUILD PLANS:
            Here at Petty's Garage we're restoring this Ford Slantback with a little bit of a modern twist.
            We've modified the firewall and even the floor pans inside. We have just now reconstructed the curved rear fenders and running board. Also, a Chevrolet 350 Small Block on a freshly painted frame was added along with upgraded suspension and wheels.
Stay tuned while we tackle this old project and bring it back to life!

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