Restoration » Brian Scott's 1953 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

                                    The History of the C-10 Truck
              After World War II, the American people were looking forward to the restyled light-duty truck that Chevy had introduced in 1947. Commonly nicknamed the "5 bar grille" or the "split screen model", the half-ton truck or the 3100 series was the most popular truck to buy considering it's light-weight opposed to the upgraded three quarter ton or 3600 series.
              For the 1953 truck, a lot of redesigns took place. Some changes on the truck included the hood emblem which was now stainless steel and the hood side emblems no longer said Chevrolet but said the series numbers. (3100, 3600, etc.) Factory-installed signals now became an option as well as the side mounted spare.
              Some interior changes included the gear shift changed from the floor to the steering column, providing the passengers with more room for comfort-ability. Also rear quarter windows were included but only as an option to improve visibility for drivers.
              Due to conflict between the Korean Military, a metal shortage left automakers no choice but to substitute chrome parts with steel. Most trucks even came with painted front grilles.
              Despite everything, sales were very successful during this year for Chevrolet as they were the years before and the years to come.

                                    PETTY’S GARAGE BUILD PLANS:
              Here at Petty's Garage we have resto-modded this truck as a gift to our NASCAR Sprint cup series stock car driver of the number 44 Ford Fusion, Brian Scott. (now retired) We have completely torn this truck down; giving it a beautiful look with this custom pearl paint job and wheels to match.
              Everything handcrafted and tied together, from the light stained wood in the bed, to the tan interior, and to the powerful drive train.

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