Restoration » Eddie's 1972 Pontiac Trans Am

                                    The History of the Trans Am
          Due to lower horse power ratings initiated by the government, the GM plants that were producing Firebirds went on strike. Which reduced productions numbers drastically; the Firebird and it's sister F-body Camaro were almost dropped all together. Making it a tough year for 1972.
          Despite hardships, a revised grille made it easily distinguishable between it's previous years. The "honeycomb" wheel was also introduced making it a trademark to second generation Trans Ams.
Only 1,286 Trans Ams were sold, making it a rare antique to posses today.

                                    PETTY’S GARAGE BUILD PLANS:
          We're taking on this project to help return a lot of aspects on this Trans Am back to original condition, just as it was back in 1972.
          Which includes the interior, some components in the engine bay and a fixed transmission. Stay tuned as we take on this delicate project!

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