Restoration » 1970 Superbird, "The 40 Car"

                                    The History of the Superbird
The 1970 Plymouth Superbird is one of the most iconic and recognizable cars in NASCAR history. With its aerodynamic nose piece and tall wing spoiler, there is nothing else like it.

When the #40 and #43 Superbirds first ran together, they were painted the same team colors. The pit crews couldn't tell which car was which when they pulled into the pits and which crew should be jumping the wall. To avoid confusion, the #40 car was painted with an orange patch on the hood.

After race cars are retired, the race teams are only concerned with building the car to run in the next race. Over the years old race cars may get repainted, changed by their owners for other classes or other purposes, cut apart for displays, robbed for parts, or just rot away in a back lot.

It normally isn't until many years later that the historical value of a particular car is recognized. We are happy that this car survived to later be restored to its original glory here in Petty's Garage.

We know this car is one of the cars campaigned by Petty Enterprises in the 1970 Daytona 500. We honestly are not 100% sure if this car was the winning #40 car driven by Pete Hamilton or Richard Petty's #43 car. Either way, it is an important piece of NASCAR history.

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