Current Builds » Steve's 1970 Pontiac GTO

                                    The History of the GTO
          Believed to be the best front end by so many, the GTO was heavily restyled in 1970. The hidden head lights were now deleted to introduce four deep, exposed headlights that are wrapped in a color-keyed Endura material bumper. Also two twin, black grilles divided by the peak of the bumper were added.
          Not only were cosmetic changes made but also it's driveline components were strengthened to withstand more punishment, an example is an adoption of the GM "12 bolt" rearend.
"The Judge" also spilled into the 1970 model, adding new graphics along the fender line.
          Only 3,629 2 door hardtop "Judge" GTOs were sold during this period but it remained the third best selling intermediate muscle car sold.

                                    PETTY’S GARAGE BUILD PLANS:
          We're taking on this project to help return a lot of aspects on this GTO back to original condition, just as it was back in 1970. Stay tuned as we get ready to get started!

                                    Fender Tag Decoded

1st Line
70 (Model Year) 1970
2 42 37 (1st Digit, Division) Pontiac
              (2nd Digit, Series) GTO
              (3rd Digit, Body Type) 2 Door Hard Top
PON (Assembly Plant) Pontiac, MI
6 Digit Sequential Number

2nd Line
256 (Interior Code) Green
10 (Lower Paint Code) Polar White
10 (Upper Paint Code) Polar White

3rd Line
11A (Production Date) November, 1st Week

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