Restoration » Steve's 1969 Pontiac Firebird

                                    The History of the Firebird
            The Firebird was produced with the same platform that the Chevrolet Camaro was built on, both sharing the F-Body styles. General Motors had not one, but two "pony cars" with comparable power but differentiated aesthetically to meet the personal tastes of the public.
           During the 1969 production, the fenders grew broader and the headlights were separated from the grille to create the famous trademark split-grille that everyone knows today.

                                    PETTY’S GARAGE BUILD PLANS:
            Here at Petty's Garage we brought this Firebird back to life. From a brand new paint job, to revised interior, all the way to the motor and drive train; we gave it a complete restoration.

                                    Fender Tag Decoded
1st Line
69 (2 Digit Number Marking the Year Model)
22337 (5 Digit Number, 223-Pontiac Firebird and 337-2dr. Coupe)
LOS (3 Digit, Assembly Plant) Van Nuys, CA.
Unit Number Produced (6 Digit Number)

2nd Line
208 (3 Digit Number, Trim) Black, Vinyl
76 (2 Digit Number, Paint) Golden Rod Yellow

3rd Line
11C (Month and Week Manufactured) November, 3rd Week

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