Current Builds » Shari's 1973 Ford Mustang

                                    The History of the Mustang
            1973 marked the end of the first generation for Mustangs. As fuel economy started to get tighter and tighter the buying market started moving towards more smaller and sleeker cars.
So as a response Ford gave this Mustang a face lift. Starting with the lights, they were made vertical along with the badging in the grille and a color keyed urethane front bumper replaced the chrome one used in the years before. This was also the last year to buy a convertible until 1983!
Sales picked up and launched before 1973 was over.

                                    PETTY’S GARAGE BUILD PLANS:

            Here at Petty's Garage we are bringing this first generation Mustang back to life. We gave it new quarter panels, a tail panel, floor patches, outer wheel houses and a new cowl panel. Then we sent it to the body shop, worked all the panels until they were straight and smooth. Under coated the the floor inside and under it with a white finish to match the paint job. Stay tuned while we put this beautiful restoration back together!

                                    Fender Tag Decoded
1st Line
3 (Year Model) 1973
F (Assembly Plant) Deadborn, MI
03 (Body Style) Covertible
F (Engine Code) 302, 2V
Production Number (6 Digit Number)

76D (Body Style) Covertible (Interior/Seats) Standard with Bucket Seats
30D (Build Date) 30 April 1972

2nd Line
9A (Paint Color) Wimbledon White

3rd Line

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