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                                    The History of the Superbird Clone
            Sales for the Superbird during that time and era were so poor that there were as many as 2000 unsold cars that sat in the back lots of dealerships.
They are now the most valuable and sought after car in today's antique market. Some going for as low as $100K to as much as $300K or even more!
Leaving to create the Superbird conversion kit that many people are using on their standard Road Runners today.

                                    Modification includes:
Dodge Cornet Fenders, a Cornet hood, the back window, package shelf, bracing inside the trunk to hold the trademark wing, the 3 piece wing, 2 scoops, hood extensions and the fiberglass nose. Optional is the vinyl top and trim. And of course, who could forget the 440 Commando that Superbirds came stock with.

            Designed specifically for NASCAR, the Superbird was a modified version of the Road Runner. Using a wind tunnel and computer analysis, a nose and a tail were added to the smoothed out body. The new metal nose added 19" to the front end of the car. The rear wing, mounted on tall vertical struts, increased efficiency on the downdraft that was put on the car's rear axle.
Another motivation for building the Superbird was to lure Richard Petty, The King of NASCAR, who had left Plymouth's team in the Fall of '68 for Ford. Successfully, The King came back in the 1970 season to win 8 races that year against the opposition, Ford.

                                    PETTY’S GARAGE BUILD PLANS:
            Here at Petty's Garage we're bringing this Superbird Conversion to life. From fresh new metal body panels, a fiberglass reproduction nose, to the paint job, the interior, all the way to the motor and drive train; we're giving it a complete custom restoration. Stay tuned!

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