Restoration » Tony's 1934 Ford Custom

            This 1934 Custom Pick-Up was built by one of our top technicians here at Petty’s Garage and has been in his family for over 50 years.
It truly is a rolling testament and every inch of this truck is a work of art.

                                    PETTY’S GARAGE BUILD PLANS:
            -All steel body
            -Suicide flush mount doors
            - Wheel openings altered to fit the tire profile better
            - Hand built running boards
            -Custom chassis
            -Hand built front & rear suspension
            -Custom built 2 ½” stainless exhaust including mufflers
            -Paint 23 different colors with 24K Gold Leaf
            -Lexan bottom in the bed to showcase the undercarriage

            -Full leather including floorboard
            -Hand built console
            -1000 watts power to 6 speakers hidden inside
            -Power door openings & power windows

            -302 Ford
            -Mahlee Pistons
            -Eagle crank & rods
            -Edelbrock port fuel injection
            -Custom mounted pro-charger
            -MSD ignition
            -Brembo brakes from NASCAR Super Speedway
            -Custom Billet wheels

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