Restoration » Alan's 1964 Barracuda

                                    The History of the "Cuda"
            This Valiant (as they were called when they were first produced) is the first of it's generation, launching two weeks before the Ford Mustang back in 1964. It was Chrysler's first lightweight V8 produced with an A-Body design.

            Competition against the Ford Mustang drove designer, Tom Ferris, into designing a fastback look to promote the Valiant. Thus, a giant back glass, which wrapped down to the fender line was produced, making it the largest window ever put on a production selling car. The idea, a sporty compact car that was not only used for performance but also for cargo due to the rear seat that was able to lay down for extra room.

            Despite the sales rolling off the assembly line, it is now one of the most iconic Plymouths ever made.

                                    PETTY’S GARAGE BUILD PLANS:
            Here at Petty's Garage we have completely transformed and brought this Barracuda back to life. We have modified the firewall, floor pan, front frame, and the inside dash. Also adding a roll cage, an upgraded motor, driveline and suspension.
This is definitely a one of a kind Cuda after it's all said and done!

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