HEMI Tuning

PCM Services

Let Petty’s Garage unlock your vehicles PCM for a fraction of the cost, using a less invasive measure than others. Our unlocks can be tailored to a variety of tuning software platforms.

We also offer PCM Flash services for a wide range of scenarios. Anything from a simple factory reflash to advanced code modification and PCM Cloning, we have you covered.

Dyno Tuning

Nearly every vehicle that rolls through our shop is calibrated and rigorously tested on our Dyno Jet dynamometer to ensure proper drivability and output. We also provide engine dyno services for engine builds completed on site.

In-House Tuning

Our calibration department offers services you won’t find just anywhere. From OEM level programming and calibration editing to advanced code modifications, Petty’s Garage has the unique tools and knowledge necessary to get the job done.

Remote Tuning

We provide our customers the ability to have their vehicle tuned remotely. Your vehicle never has to hit the dyno. A variety of methods are available to best suit your needs.

* Includes 2nd day UPS return shipping in Continental United States Only


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Petty's Garage Tuning Services
Petty's Garage Tuning Services
Stage 1 Support PackCatered for mostly stock vehicles with the exception of a CAI and Exhaust (Mild Bolt-on Components).Thoroughly... 
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