Petty's Garage Expands Engine Development Program

Petty's Garage Hires Two Experienced High-Performance Engine Experts

LEVEL CROSS, N.C. (February 2, 2017) - Petty's Garage is pleased to announce the hiring of two experienced and highly regarded engine tuners in the industry, Chris Gardner and Matt Glad to their engine development program.

Gardner and Glad join the expanding Petty's Garage, one of the few full-service performance centers in the country offering high-performance builds across all brands. The new high-performance engine experts will join an existing staff of mechanics and engineers. Both Gardner and Glad will help tune all the high-performance vehicles that pass through Petty's Garage, including the 1,000 horsepower Dodge Hellcats to Ford Mustangs, and even HEMI powered Jeeps that Petty's Garage offers.

"Chris and Matt are two of the most highly regarded tuners of performance machines in the country," said Russ Stellfox, Chief Executive Officer, Petty's Garage. "Their addition is a part of our long-term growth strategy to enhance our engine development program and increase our ability to provide state of the art tuning and performance upgrades. Both Chris and Matt bring years of experience in building and tuning high-performance engines. They are a natural fit with our team of world class technicians."

Gardner and Glad most recently performed similar duties at Arrington Performance.

For more information about Petty's Garage, and to learn more about performance work at Petty's Garage please visit or 336-498-3745.

About Petty's Garage
Founded in 2008, Petty's Garage is a high performance speed shop owned by "The King" Richard Petty. Headquartered in Level Cross, North Carolina, Petty's Garage occupies the legendary Petty facility that produced winning stock cars for more than 50 years. Petty's Garage specializes in performance upgrades, restorations, luxury personal builds, custom builds, supercharged engines, paint and body, exhaust upgrades, brake systems, custom interiors, tires and wheels, custom fabricated projects, and corporate builds. If you can dream it, Petty's Garage can build it. For more information on Petty's Garage, please call 336-498-3745 or visit

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Reader Comments (7)

Anderson 06/03/17 03:09:03 PM

These development programs develop by experience programmers because it's not done by newbies.I read reviews on writing services about pettys garage.Chris and Matt are two of the most highly regarded tuners of this program.

Matthew 06/21/17 12:22:55 PM

This is the big announcement from the Petty's Garage side. I think this announcement is only for experienced programmers. I defiantly apply for this program as soon as possible.
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Stanley 07/08/17 01:40:02 PM

Petty's Garage makes awesome machines! I watched series about them on TopGear while figuring out how to plagiarize without getting caught by turnitin. Brilliant job!

Anderson 08/03/17 05:16:46 AM

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Lisa 08/15/17 08:03:07 AM

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ubyvurriw 08/18/17 08:59:33 AM

I see the bright future of this gardner pettys garage.There are many things to be competed for the betterment of the which will explain how this company will provide services.

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