Gallery » 2014 Challenger SRT By Petty #004

2014 Challenger SRT By Petty #004

Magnusson 8Lb supercharger
Fuel pump upgrade
At the top 625+ Hp
Petty's Garage Custom painted rally Stripes
Petty's Garage Rear Spoiler
Petty' Garage Front Strut Bar stripes painted to match
Petty's Garage Rear Shock Tower Brace stripes painted to match
Hurst Short throw Shifter
Petty's Garage custom leather interior
Petty's Garage Floor Mats
2-way Adjustable Coilovers Suspension
Adjustable front and rear Sway bars
Petty's Garage Cradle Bushing upgrade
Petty's Garage Windshield Banner
Petty's Garage Numbered Dash Badge
Petty's Garage Vin Plate
3 Piece forged Pettys Garage Wheels with Orange accents
Oracle light treatments halo and abeyant